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Drostanolone Propionate 100mg


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Drostanolone Propionate is available as Virtumast. It is a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid. Virtumast is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, which is also known as methyldihydrotesterone. Initially, Virtumast was used to treat breast cancer in post-menopausal women. However, it is no more used to treat breast cancer patients as there are more potent drugs than Virtumast. It is one of the most commonly used steroids among bodybuilders and is excessively used in competitive bodybuilding cycles.

Virtumast is mainly used by athletes in competitive sports such as martial arts, wrestling etc. It also helps in cutting down the body fats and works more effectively in the people who already have exceptionally low body fat levels. Depending upon the target to be achieved, Virtumast may be combined with other compounds to achieve ideal results.

What are Virtumast injections used for?

The uses of Virtumast injections include:

  • It increases the overall muscle density and builds harder muscle mass.

  • It is extensively used in weightlifting, bodybuilding and in certain other sports communities.

  • Virtumast is also used to reduce the overall body weight.

How do Virtumast injections act?

Virtumast is an injectable steroid, which can either be used alone or in a steroid stack with other steroids. Due to its anti-estrogenic characteristics, it is considered as one of the most highly effective anabolic steroids. By inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, Virtumast converts free testosterone into estrogen. By this inhibition, more amounts of testosterone are available, which help in building the body mass.

By suppressing the production of estrogens, Virtumast controls abnormal water retention and bloating. This results in a lean body with prominent muscles.

Available forms of Virtumast

Virtumast is available as an aqueous solution that is given intramuscularly.

How to take Virtumast injections?

The usual recommended dosage of Virtumast is 300-400mg per week, which is administered intramuscularly. Taking Virtumast injections on daily basis haven’t shown effective results.

Warnings and precautions with the use of Virtumast injections

  • Take the drug as prescribed by the doctor.

  • High doses or prolonged use of Virtumast may increase the risk of liver cells tumors.

  • Women may develop male-specific traits such as muscle bulk, deep voice, and facial hair.

  • Inform your doctor immediately if any allergic reactions develop at the site of the injection.

  • Do not consume alcohol or use tobacco as it may increase the side effects of the drug.

  • Avoid using Virtumast injection when suffering from cholestatic hepatitis with jaundice.

  • Virtumast can trigger menstrual irregularities and clitoral enlargement in women.

  • Do not take an overdosage of the drug as it may increase the risk of side effects or complications.

  • Bodybuilders with a history of testicular atrophy, prostate cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, renal, hepatic and respiratory problems should avoid using Virtumast injection.

Monitoring parameters

  • People using the drug should monitor cholesterol levels, as Virtumast is known to increase LDL levels in the blood.

  • Bodybuilders with a history of carcinomas of the breast and prostate, should keep a track of the medical condition.

  • Females who are taking the drug should also have a check on signs of virilization.

Possible side effects of Virtumast injections

The side effects of Virtumast injections are:

  • Acne

  • Alopecia

  • Enlarged clitoris

  • Hoarseness

  • Irregular menstrual periods

  • Facial hair growth

  • Risk of baldness in men

  • Virilization in females

  • Unusual hair loss

  • High blood pressure

Overdose and missed dose of Virtumast injections

In case of an overdose or missed dose of Virtumast, take the next scheduled dose when you remember. In case the timing is close to the next dose, it is advisable to skip the dose. Inform the doctor before administering the Virtumast injection as an overdose or the missed dose may develop a few complications or may increase the side effects of the drug. High doses of Virtumast in women can cause virilization (biological changes).

Special populations

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid administering Virtumast as it may cause adverse effects on the baby’s health. Inform the doctor before you plan to stop administering the drug.

  • Virtumast injections are not recommended for children and teenagers as it may hamper their bone growth and the overall development of the body.