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Testosterone Compound Inj. 250mg


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Virtusustanis an oil-based injectable which is a blend of four different testosterone esters which posses synergistic effect. They are testosterone propionate, testosterone phenyl propionate, testosteroneisocaproate and testosterone decanoate. The dosage of Virtusustanavailable in the market is 250mg which is administered intramuscularly. Itisdesigned in such a way that it provides a fast yet expanded or continued release of testosterone. It provides strength, increases the muscle tissues and also elevates the sexual drive in a person. When compared to all the testosterone products, Virtusustanhas a strong anabolic and androgenic activity.
Among the four different testosterone esters in Virtusustan, propionate and phenyl propionate esters are utilized quickly which is released into the blood circulation within four days of the administration. The remaining two esters are released at a slower pace when compared to propionate and phenyl propionate and they stay active for a longer period of time in the body. Due to the slow release of testosterone esters, the blood levels of testosterone build slowly and therefore the side effects set in at a later stage.

What are Virtusustan injections used for?

  • Virtusustanis approved and used for testosterone replacement therapy for people with testosterone deficiency.
  • Testosterone replacement may be recommended for men suffering with hypogonadal disorders.
  • Due to androgen deficiency, people may also suffer from osteoporosis and therefore testosterone replacement is recommended.
  • Virtusustanis also used in the treatment of hypopituitari

How do Virtusustan injections act?

Testosterone is an endogenous androgen which is responsible for the normal growth and development of male sex hormones. It also helps in maintaining the male secondary sex characteristics which include the development of facial, chest and pubic hair, enlargement of the larynx, alterations in fat distribution and body musculature, and thickening of the vocal cord.

Available forms of Virtusustan

The injectable form of Virtusustanis an oil-based injectable that is administered intramuscularly and is available as 250mg dosage. The dosages of the four testosterone esters are testosterone propionate (30mg), testosterone phenyl propionate (60mg), testosterone isocaproate (60mg) and testosterone decanoate (100mg).

How to take Virtusustan injections?

The dosage of Virtusustanis 250mg per week and this should be taken for a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. Consult the doctor before administering Virtusustan injection.

Virtusustan possesses high anabolic and androgenic activity and is used as a bulking agent in increasing the muscular mass and strength in the body.

Warnings and precautions with the use of Virtusustan injections

  • The patient should immediately inform the doctor in case they experience nausea, vomiting, any kind of allergic reaction at the site of injection etc.
  • The patient should have a check on the cholesterol levels (HDL/LDL), bone age, haemoglobin and hematocrit determinations.
  • Over dosage of the drug should not be taken as it may be harmful or the patient may experience some kind of side-effects or complications.
  • Patient undergoing a treatment of breast carcinoma should have to monitor the serum values, calcium, alkaline phosphatase etc.
  • Take the drug as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Do not discontinue the use of Virtusustanunless told by the doctor.
  • Do not consume alcohol or use tobacco as it may increase the side effects of the drug.

Monitoring parameters

Middle-aged and elderly men suffering with cardiovascular diseases should receive treatment under strict supervision as an overdose of the drug may cause complications or may increase the side effects.

Possible side effects of Virtusustan injections

The side effects of Virtusustan injections are:

  • Loss of hair
  • Abnormal growth of hair in certain areas of the body
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Increase in the levels of cholesterol
  • Retention of water in the body
  • Enlarged erections
  • Liver damage
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Excessive sexual stimulation
  • Bladder irritability

Overdose and missed dose of Virtusustan injections

In case of an overdose or missed dose of Virtusustan, take the next scheduled dose when you remember. In case the timing is close to the next dose, it is advisable to skip the dose. Inform the doctor before administering the Virtusustaninjection as an overdose or missed dose may develop a few complications or may increase the side effects of the drug.

Special populations

  • Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should avoid administering Virtusustanas it may cause adverse effects on the baby's health. Inform the doctor before you plan to stop administering the drug.
  • People suffering with latent or overactive cardiac failure, epilepsy, renal dysfunction, and hypertension should be constantly monitored as the androgens may induce water retention in the body.
  • Men above 50 years of age should undergo thorough examination of the prostate gland.
  • Virtusustan injections are not recommended for growing children as this may hamper their bone growth and overall development of the body.